Who We Are & What’s on Tap – RP 01

In our maiden voyage, Braydee and Steve lay out some background on their experience and education, as well as what prompted them to start the Rooted Podcast.

According to Barna Group research, Millennials (the generation that both Steve and Braydee belong to) are increasingly opposed to evangelism. When combined with the fact that Generation Z (today’s high school and college-aged students) has one of the lowest religious affiliations of any generation and that many Americans today cite themselves as the only trustworthy source for decision-making, we’re in serious trouble.

All of this adds up to a BIG need in our schools, our workplaces, and our social circles for Christians who are firmly rooted in biblical truth and who are equipped to confidently have conversations about their beliefs. That’s our goal here with the Rooted Podcast – to help make the case that Christianity is reasonable and help equip our Christian brothers and sisters to do the same.

Show Links:

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The Trends Shaping a Post-Truth Society

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