Season 1 Break / Season 2 Announcements

Hey everyone! This is a quick update on what’s happening at Rooted Productions. Basically, we’ve diminished our backlog of episodes and will be taking a short break to continue production and recording to replenish our reservoir. Once that happens, we’ll start posting content again under both the long-form Rooted Podcast and weekday Fruit Snacks episodes.

Now’s a great time to catch up on past episodes if you’re not up to date! We’ll announce the Season 2 launch dates for both shows once we have a better idea of when they’ll be ready to go.

Thanks for listening!

Braydee and Steve

1 thought on “Season 1 Break / Season 2 Announcements

  1. Linda Johnson says:

    Hi, I’m current with the short “fruit snacks” but will use this time to look at some more of the longer episodes. I have really enjoyed this site and look forward to the next season. Perhaps, a question that can be answered in the new season regards those books that ended up on the cutting floor when the bible became what we have today. My question is — is there any “profit” to be gained from reading them? Other than the fact that I have a huge interest in history.
    Blessings to you both.


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