Sales Process Evangelism—Presentations 101: Know Your Product – RP 10

Steve and Braydee jump into the next phase of the evangelism “sales process” by comparing knowing your product as a salesperson to knowing your beliefs as an evangelist. How well do we know our basics? How good are we with “technical” questions? If we don’t know an answer, do we at least know where to look to find it? By the end of this episode, you’ll have a full list of recommended resources to get you well on your way to upping your game as a salesperson for the Christian worldview.

Show Notes:

For basic Christian theology and Bible knowledge:

For a comprehensive overview of how the Old and New Testaments tie together:

For a look at church history and denominational differences in Christianity:

For a look at different worldviews and how they differ from Christianity:

On the reliability of the Bible:

On understanding the difficult parts of the Bible:

On archaeology and the Bible:

On the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus:

On the problem of evil:

On why belief in God is rational in the first place:

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